What are the reasons for the popularity of AngularJS for development?

whizent September 12, 2019 0 Comments

AngularJS is one of the most popular and well-known frameworks which are available today. This versatile framework offers the maximum flexibility to the developers for being innovative and creative in their development process. AngularJS was introduced in the year 2012 which provides a scalable infrastructure supporting the largest applications of Google.

AngularJS is the structural framework which is used for developing the web applications dynamically. Most specifically, it is used for developing single page dynamic applications in an innovative and creative manner. Being a client-side framework, AngularJS is known to support multiple platforms. Every command and function used in AngularJS is written in the HTML language.

Why AngularJS is being preferred over other networks?

If you haven’t use AngularJS as of now, you have been missing making the use of one of the most flexible and innovative frameworks for the development of applications. Each and every tool used in this framework are interconnected with one another to give the users one of the best experiences for application development.

If you still are looking for reasons to make the use of AngularJS for your application development needs, then here are some of the reasons that you should consider and keep in mind:

Properly used the model view controller::

Most of the other frameworks enhance the work of the developers by splitting the components of model view controller and then asking them to assemble again. This increases the difficulties of the developer as it becomes a lot of work. This also creates a lot of errors and risks in the development of the applications and as a result, the applications sometimes fail to match with the expectations of the clients.

On the other hand, AngularJS cuts down this process and reduces the work of the developers. It allows the developers to split their app into the various components of the model view controller without asking them to re-assemble them again. Once the application developers split their app, the re-assembling work is done by AngularJS.


The use of declarative user-interface::

AngularJS makes use of HTML for defining the user interface of the application. HTML is one of the declarative languages available and thus makes the entire work of the developers simple and easy. Moreover, HTML is more intuitive language rather than being a lesser convoluted language. This means that things developed by making the use of HTML are less likely to break and stay for a longer time in a convenient manner.

By making the use of HTML, you can stop worrying about spending the whole of your time with the program flows and loading complexities of the applications. Rather, you simply can define your needs and requirements and let AngularJS deliver them in the best possible way.


Higher flexibility::

AngularJS is one of the most flexible frameworks available for app development. It can be used in any way or in any manner for developing the application as per the needs and requirements of the developer. Along with the high flexibility, it makes the use of filters which refine the data before it is made available for the view.

The combination of filters along with higher flexibility allows the developers to be as creative and innovative as they want with their app developments. The filters used in AngularJS are standalone features which act on their own but collectively help in making the entire application as per what is expected by the clients.


Writing lesser codes::

Are you tired of writing long codes for developing your applications? If so, then you should make the use of AngularJS framework as it demands to write lesser codes. Unlike many of the other frameworks where you have invested most of your time in writing lots of codes, you can make use of AngularJS and save most of your time.

Along with this, the filters available in this framework allow the developers to manipulate the codes at every level which further reduces the work of the developer. Also, with timely manipulation of the work, it becomes easy for the developers to move in the needed direction to get the desired final application as per the expectations.


Easy to test::

Unlike most of the other frameworks which are used for developing the applications, AngularJS is one of the easiest and simplest to test. As all the components of this framework are connected with one another and it requires very less coding work, it can easily be tested for the errors and problems.

One major thing that is kept in mind is that unit testing is preferred with AngularJS. Unit testing helps in analyzing the mistakes or errors in every individual unit and saves the time from developing a wrong or fault application full of errors. As all the errors are detected during the initial stages, using unit testing, the individual error-free units or codes are joined together to develop the best kind of applications.


Easy integration::

Want to add some third-party features to the framework? Well, it is as simple as saying it. Yes, integrating third-party features with the AngularJS framework is pretty simple as the integration is pre-built in this framework. All you need to do is to click all the components together and you are all set for the integration.

This easy integration is one of the factors that enhance the use of AngularJS use in the enterprises as it can easily merge and integrated with other frameworks and tools for the effective development of the applications. This means, that if you are using AngularJS, you don’t have to worry about the other frameworks or tools which are being used for the development of the applications.

AngularJS is quite very popular in the enterprises for its dynamic nature and high flexibility for the application development. You will not only just collect different features together but will develop a complete solution for your enterprise. Being the reliable and robust solution, AngularJS is alone sufficient to transform your business to the highest level of success.