Why React Native is popular for hybrid app development?

whizent November 16, 2018 0 Comments

In the world of mobile app development, we are always looking for something that can reduce our invested efforts yet give us the desired advantages. Thanks to the changing time, there are many frameworks available for the development of apps. However, from the numerous options in the frameworks, it is important to select the one that takes a shorter time for delivering better user-experience and is quick.

One such framework that comprises all these qualities is React Native. React Native allows the web developers to write the mobile applications that are native with the comfort of JavaScript. Most of the big giants in the industry are making the use of Reacting Native and none of them have regretted it.

What is React Native?

React Native is the framework which allows the developers to write real and native applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. It makes use of a bridge to translate all the codes of the JavaScript to the native language of the targeted device. The building blocks of UI are same as that of regular iOS as well as for the Android apps.

The framework is being used to deliver fast, safe and efficient solutions for mobility for both the mobile apps as well as the web apps. Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Walmart, Tesla, etc. are some of the famous names which have made the use of React Native and are now totally reliable on the framework.

Reasons for the popularity of the React Native

You should not just React Native because of the fact that most of the big and well-established names in the industry are doing the same. Rather, you should be aware of the various advantages and reasons that support the popularity of React Native for the development of mobile applications. React Native comes with many advantages that make the work of the app developer really less yet delivers the expected mobile applications.

If you too are interested in knowing the various advantages and reasons for the popularity of the React Native framework, then have a look at these points. You will surely be impressed with these and will instantly decide to use React Native for the development of your next mobile application.

It covers both iOS and Android:

Initially, React Native was developed just to support the iOS platform. However, after considering the support and appreciation that it got from the app developers, it was soon developed for the Android platform as well. It is now possible to render the UIs for mobile for both the popular platforms. This acts as the major benefit as you don’t need a separate framework for different platforms of mobile apps.

If you are worried about the compatibility issues, then the framework offers the maximum compatibility for both the platforms. And it goes without guessing that it reduced the work of the app developers to almost half.


Re-Usability of Codes:

Gone are the days when the app building blocks or components cannot be reused. It is the time when the building blocks for the app can be reused for different platforms. Thanks to the framework of React Native that made this possible. The components that you have used for developing the app in the Android platform can be used similarly for the iOS platform.

This not only reduces the work of the app developer but it also delivers a consistent look and appearance of the mobile application. You can also make your apps more agile and can focus them to have web-styling but without the use of the web in the development. Isn’t it great?


Easy availability of resources:

The resources that are needed for using the React Native are quite easily available. Finding a programmer who can write using the React Native is not that difficult as the programmers are easily available. Also, the performance and the ease of using this framework make the whole process really convenient.

All these benefits with React Native are possible as it uses JavaScript which is one of the fastest growing programming languages and is used wide across the world. JavaScript makes the entire process of using the React Native framework convenient and simple for the programmers.


Code Sharing:

As the same code is used across multiple available platforms, React Native also supports the benefit of code sharing. The same code can be shared across all the platforms, thereby enhancing the ease and convenience of the coders. It may surprise you but around 90-95% of codes can be shared across the various platforms without any hassles.

Another great benefit that will make the work easy is that the codes can easily be shared amongst the platform. You don’t have to have any special arrangements just for transferring the codes from one platform to another. This makes transferring as well the using of the codes simple.


Ready-to-use components:

Wouldn’t it be great, if you could get some ready-to-use components for your app development process? Just imagine how much time it will save of the programmers and coders. The ready-to-use components available in the React Native framework make this thing possible. You just simply have to pick the available component and use it in your programming need. You will be amazed by the performance and results generated by these ready-to-use components.

Although there are some components that have to develop from the scratch, with the speed and history of the recent updates, it won’t be wrong to say that very soon most of the components available in this framework will become ready-to-use.

These are some of the popular reasons and benefits that support the popularity of the React Native framework for the development of the varying applications. Even, if you are a startup or a well-known brand name in the industry, you can make the most of this framework to develop the most amazing and charming applications. It also delivers the expected results for the apps which require limited animations as well as easy UIs.