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Delivering Result - Oriented Technology Solutions

Whizent is Leading-edge Software, Web, and Mobile app Development Company. We offer more than any other IT company does, from custom software solutions to data-driven marketing and cloud-based services for all types of companies and blue-chip companies to help grow their business. We use the agile way of development for faster and smoother projects, thus delivering robust software products in the shortest time to market. We are holding a team of qualified developers covering all the domains and providing leading expert business solutions worldwide.

In today’s digital age, businesses and organizations need to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements to remain competitive. That’s why we are dedicated to providing practical and effective technology solutions to our clients. Our team of experts work tirelessly to ensure that our clients have access to the most cutting-edge technology that can help enhance their operations and ultimately lead to greater success. Whether it’s implementing new software, developing custom applications, or providing IT support, we are here to help optimize your technological capabilities.

Our team is trained with several and broad portfolio experiences providing answers to various clients. We have been recognized as a leading Technology Partner across the globe.

Customized Software

Whizent has been established to become one of the best IT & Software companies in India. Our goal is to build custom software solutions for offshore clients providing quality work and within their budget. We started Whizent to reach global heights and create success for businesses and clients.


We have set our reputation in the industry through our dedication to clients and have constantly believed in accomplishing our promise through ROI-based solutions for you. We commenced with a small venture with big hopes of becoming a global leader shortly.

SEO also?

Yes, we are far more than an IT company, In this ocean of online businesses, if your brand wants to stand out, it is essential to have an intelligent approach, and that's why there is a need for better optimization with 100% white hat ethics.

One-stop solution for the Latest Technology

We offer the latest technologies and continually update ourselves with market trends. Never have to worry about outdated tech features. Whizent comes forward to handle all the hassle for you to run your business smoothly.


We understand how quality is important for every business. Thus we put our best efforts to bring out the incredible. We keep our standard high and do not compromise quality. Quality in every nook, we assure you that!

Always At Your

With our best dashboard feature, get 24x7 access to your campaigns, announcements, todos, events, teams, and reports. We are just a call and email away. Our response rate never fails to amaze customers.


Whizent is truly and deeply committed to each and every project that we take. We believe in helping our clients on every step right from the beginning till the completion of the project. Our customers can expect nothing but a pure form of commitment from us.


We believe in serving our customers with nothing less than excellence. We try to be our best in all our efforts and strategies so as to match to the customer's expectations.


Though we believe in consistency, diversities of ideas and innovations are always welcome by us. All of our professional team comes together with their diversifying ideas for reaching to the ultimate target of success

Mutual Respect

We believe that every customer of ours is special and thus we treat them with demands and requirements will full respect along with expecting the same.


We, at Whizent, understand how important it is to craft the business idea in the right direction for getting the desired result.
Such a wide variety is a complete dream, and we made that a reality. We retain the potential to present you with apt solutions for all your needs.
Web and Mobile app Development Company based in USA and India

Web Development

In this world of everything “Digital”, everyone wants their business or services…
hizent creates a masterful design, invests time to understand your business and audience, and delivers a sound, thought-out design in very little time.

Application UI & UX Design

Whizent is one of the fastest-growing web design companies in the region.…
With our company’s assistance, you can organic SEO services which will help your website get noticed by your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization

In this world of everything “Digital”, everyone wants their business or services…
We not only automate business methods but also work to interpret and enhance business workflows.

Business Process Automation

We are a leading company which provides expert assistance in Business Process…
With our Enterprise solutions, we make your brand able to have complete advantage of analytics, mobility, security, cloud, web, and social platforms. All of these will provide the needed sustainability to your business.

Enterprise Solutions

With our Enterprise solutions, we make your brand able to have complete…
Content Marketing, Freelance Content Writer, SEO, SMM

Content Writing

In this world of everything “Digital”, everyone wants their business or services…
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Open Source

In this world of everything “Digital”, everyone wants their business or services…
Enterprise Mobile Solutions and Customize Mobile app Development Service

Enterprise Mobility

In this world of everything “Digital”, everyone wants their business or services…


Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the code we write and the products we deliver. We believe in transparency, collaboration, and a structured approach to achieve outstanding results.

WHIZENT, Founded in 2016, Whizent has a rich and compelling history that has shaped us into the industry leaders we are today. Whizent, where technology meets innovation. We are a leading software IT Company, committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform businesses and drive digital success. With a team of dedicated professionals and a passion for excellence, we are here to empower your organization with the power of technology.

We pride ourselves on being a dynamic team of experienced technologists, developers, designers, and strategists. Our collective expertise spans various industries and domains, allowing us to tackle complex challenges and provide tailored solutions that align perfectly with your unique business requirements.

We help by providing practical and effective solutions to our clients. Our team works hard to offer the best technology available for our clients' success. This includes adding new software, building custom applications, or providing IT support.

Contact us today to discuss your requirement and embark on an exciting digital transformation with WHIZENT

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Creative team for creative ideas.
We care about your ideas and frame business;s infinite heights.

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